Peter Pan


A 3D-CGI animated series for ages 6-10’ featuring Peter, his friends and foes, all news and old, in a 26×22’fantasy-action-adventure. Set in timeless Neverland and 21st century London.

The New Adventures of “Peter Pan” is a fantasy action-adventure series with character-driven plots and stories comedic in nature but with deep emotions, real tragedy and genuine dangers. Drawing from the original play and books by JM Barrie this series is also multi-layered, sophisticated and thought-provoking as children love being thrilled, scared, enchanted, amused, intrigued, challenged and occasionally moved to tears.


  • Adventure Comedy
Produced by
  • DQ Entertainment in co-production with
  • Moon Scoop, TF1, ZDF Enterprises
Total Episodes
  • 104 x 11′ TV Episodes
  • 60′ Television Feature
  • 40′ Jungle Book Christmas Special
  • 26 x 12′ Jungle Book Safari